Colleen Nesson - Assistant Hospital Manager

Colleen was born and raised in California and, following her heart, moved to Wilmington, NC in 2005.

Turns out she fell in love with the city and has been here ever since. Colleen has a deep passion for community making her a wonderful manager—one with a heart. Colleen finds great satisfaction in making people happy and strives to do so for staff and clients. Besides Maudie, her Golden Retriever, and Velcro and Cheerio her cats, Colleen’s spirit animal is sea turtles and she has logged many volunteer hours scouring the beaches for new nests.

Colleen’s best gift lies in her heart—the understanding of what pets mean as family members and of how important they are in people’s lives as friends and companions. She often has to be chased back to boring paperwork in her office when a sick baby or emotional client comes in. It is from this important foundation that Colleen helps to create hospital culture and policy. She is servant-hearted. Ours is an industry of service.

Colleen has managed to stay close to her family on the West Coast despite the distance and can often be found with Maudie in tow at the local breweries for a tasting event or the right food truck. She has several mud runs and other ridiculous athletic events under her belt (and has had the shoulder surgery to prove it).